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Company & the people

"We are a consulting firm specializing in knowledge, learning, content, and enabling technology. Leveraging a flexible workforce that includes experienced domain and service consultants and a carefully compiled offshore vendor partner network, we offer the perfect solution and the means to execute it.

The Sophiance Core Team

Consulting and management capabilities that enable client relationship management, immediate solutioning, and vendor network management

The Sophiance Consultant Network

Specialized expertise in specific domains and functions through an international network of experienced consultants

The Sophiance Knowledge Alliance

Best-in-class development vendors who have been evaluated, selected, and profiled to identify strengths and capabilities, enable cost-effective and high-quality solutions

Solution & services

"Our core services include domain and process consulting in knowledge, learning, content, and enabling technology. We offer tailored service baskets with customized combinations of onsite consulting and offshore development outsourcing options.


Services: Gap and needs analysis; learning and content architecture; technology enablement; vendor selection; market research

Sophiance value: A consultant bank across domains, functions, and geographies ensures that the best skills and capabilities are on the job

Content and Learning

Services: Content and knowledge repositories; content media; structured learning formats; technology based learning

Sophiance value: The hybrid operational model enables the flexibility and value of onsite consulting with the cost effectiveness and timeliness of offshore development

Enabling Technology

Services: Content and learning technology architecture; server and database setup and hosting; content and learning applications and apps

Sophiance value: A highly skilled and specialized technology workforce through profiled vendors in the Sophiance Knowledge Alliance who provide specific technology services

Processes & Resources

"The Sophiance operational model is based on identifying the ideal state for a knowledge and learning process outsourcing set up, and then translating it into reality."

The Client Experience

Most companies do not have a full-fledged knowledge management or learning development team in-house. Outsourcing is often a necessity, and it can be an unpleasant one.

Sophiance offers highly specialized consultants, experienced in client servicing and relationship management, who take the pain out of the equation. We invest in understanding your business and requirements, so that the solution is customized and perfect.

The Offshore Advantage

Working with a vendor from the same geography has its advantages; on-site presence, better relationships and communication, and a better overall client experience. However, you could be paying up to a 500% cost premium when compared to low-cost offshore vendors.

Sophiance has invested time and effort in building the Sophiance Knowledge Alliance, an international, offshore vendor network selected from low-cost geographies to provide best-in-class skills and capabilities at highly competitive rates.

The Real Turnkey

A sophisticated knowledge and learning setup has many moving parts, and more often than not, it involves multiple entities. Single organizations claiming to offer turnkey services often have patchy skill sets and insufficient resources to meet work scope requirements.

Sophiance offers an integrated vendor network, so that the client has to interact only with a single point of contact, irrespective of the number of entities involved. This seamless integration across the client, consultant, and vendor networks provides the best development experience in the market.

Value & Guarantee

"The Sophiance Client Value Proposition is based on our very own SOPHIE model. The model represents the unique value we bring to our clients and knowledge partners alike.

Strategy: Sophiance consultants work collaboratively with client teams to analyze business requirements and develop a highly customized solution. We identify the most cost-effective and efficient solutions based on a unique blend of content, knowledge, learning, and technology capabilities.

Outsourcing: Sophiance brings a secure and specialized interface to service vendor management that filters challenges while enhancing the advantages of the offshore solution. We ensure our clients receive a blended implementation strategy with best-in-class knowledge partners hand-picked based on the requirement.

Partnership: Our vendor and client partnerships are based on trust and transparency. We believe in communicating clearly and showcasing our offshore knowledge network, passing on the cost and relationship benefits equally to our clients and knowledge partners. By acting as an extension of our client and partner teams, we guarantee the most seamless and efficient implementation of the knowledge and learning process.

High-Quality: Sophiance believes in diligent implementation of standard practices. Our core team coordinates and manages critical tasks like design, project management, and quality assurance to ensure the integrity of every solution. We invest in studying and internalizing client standards and requirements, minimizing the frustration of endless review cycles for our clients and knowledge partners.

Innovation: We live in exciting times, with sweeping changes in technology and the way we consume and process content and learning. Sophiance leverages the latest and best in the learning industry and related technology, providing the capability to design and implement cutting-edge solutions. Apps, touch-enabled, cross-platform, device-agnostic; our solutions are always contemporary and relevant.

Expertise: Sophiance presents best-in-class capabilities across process consulting, custom design, and service implementation. We always have the best team working on a solution, across domains and services. No single company can deliver this capability. This is made possible by the power of the Sophiance Knowledge Alliance. The combined capabilities of our network enable us to deliver the best solution at an optimal cost, every time.


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